Khador Gallery

Here are images of my painted Khador to date. The pictures are ordered into the following groups:
  1. Warcasters
    1. Kommandant Sorscha Kartikoff (Sorscha3)
    2. Supreme Kommandant Irusk (Irusk2)
    3. Vladimir, The Dark Prince (Vlad1)
  2. Warjacks
    1. Beast-09
    2. Kodiak
    3. Marauders
    4. Spriggan
  3. Units
    1. Kommandant Atanas Arconovich & Standard
    2. Man-O-War Bombardiers + Officer
    3. Man-O-War Shocktroopers + Officer
    4. Man-O-War Demolition Corps + Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich
    5. Winter Guard Field Gun Crews
    6. Winter Guard Infantry + Officer & Standard + Rocketeers
    7. Winter Guard Mortar Crew
    8. Winter Guard Rifle Corps + Rocketeers
  4. Solos
    1. Fenris
    2. Greylord Adjunct
    3. Kapitan Sofya Skirova
    4. Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich
    5. Man-O-War Kovnik
    6. Man-O-War Suppression Tankers
    7. Winter Guard Artillery Kapitan
  5. Battle Engines
    1. Gun Carriages
  6. Complete lists
    1. Armored Corps
    2. Winter Guard Kommand


Kommandant Sorscha Kartikoff (Sorscha 3)

Sorscha in her Man-O-War might

Remember her grenades

Supreme Kommandant Irusk (Irusk 2)

Always trust a man with a really big flag

Vladimir, The Dark Prince (Vlad 1)

Potent Vlad ready to lend a hand 



Beast '09 with a slight modification to its pose


Kodiak build from a plastic Juggernaut and parts from an old metal Kodiak  


Tripple Marauder at your service


The Spriggan in an alternative paint scheme


Kommandant Atanas Arconovich & Standard

The Kommandant and his trusted banner bearer

Battle Mechaniks

Two minimum units of Mechaniks

Battle Mechaniks, unit 1 (the reds)

Man-O-War Demolition Corps + Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich

The Demolition Corps

The Demolition Corps lead by their sergeant

Sergeant Dragos Dragadovich

Man-O-War Bombardiers + Officer

The proud Bombardiers

The officer leading the Bombardiers

Man-O-War Shocktroopers + Officer

Shocktroopers, unit 1

Shocktroopers, unit 1 lead by their officer

Shocktroopers officer

Winter Guard Field Gun Crews

Both units of Field Guns, The right one in the livery of the 5th

Field Gun 1

Winter Guard Infantry + Officer & Standard + Rocketeers

Full unit of infantry with all the trimmings

Winter Guard Mortar Crew

The Mortar ready to bombard the enemy, if they could only hit them

Winter Guard Rifle Corps + Rocketeers

The Rifle Corps ready to shoot at anything and everything



Both versions of Fenris togeather 

Fenris on his mount

Fenris dismounted

Greylord Adjunct

The Adjunct ready to assist

Kapitan Sofya Skirova

Sofya ready to assist iron fangs

Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich

The man, the legend, the speech

Man-O-War Kovnik

Kovnik with a history as a dragoon

Man-O-War Suppression Tankers

Both Tankers ready to suppress

Tanker 1

Tanker 2

Winter Guard Artillery Kapitan

Kapitan ready to direct the fire

Battle Engines

Gun Carriages

Gun Carriage 1

Gun Carriage 2

Complete lists

Armored Corps

Lead by Sorscha3 (see here for list description)

Winter Guard Kommand

Lead by Vlad1 (see here for list description)

Lead by Irusk2 (see here for list description)

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