Monday, 22 July 2019

Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince (Vlad1) vs. Lord Ghyrrshyld, the Forgiven (Goreshade4)

Goreshade is making trouble again. Last time he managed to get the better of Irusk and his Winter Guards. This time the responsibility falls to Vlad. He brings the new hard hitting Winter Guard Kommand list, including two of the wonderful Gun Carriages. However, he is not the only one bringing Battle Engines. Goreshade is bringing a Trident, which turns out to be quite dangerous. However, the crazy elves are no match for Vlad and a Marauders in assassination mood.

Friday, 19 July 2019

Winter Guard Kommand under Vladimir Tzepesci, the Dark Prince's orders (Vlad1)

Vlad is a Winter Guard's second best friend after Irusk2. Where Irusk2 keeps them alive to fight another day, Vlad1 makes them fight today. This post details my approach to Winter Guard Kommand under Vlad1. As a special treat, this list contains two of the Empress' finest Gun Carriages. A marvellous addition to a WGK list under Vlad1.